Why do I need carry out QAS data updates?

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This document explains why it is important to perform regular QAS data updates.


QAS software can only achieve its optimum results if the quick and simple data update process is carried out.

Postal Address Files (PAF) from our data suppliers worldwide are constantly revised to provide you with the most up-to-date information. For example, changes to the Royal Mail’s PAF file can add up to around 100,000 changes per quarter including additions, deletions, amendments and postcode recodes.

Failure to perform the data updates will result in inaccurate addresses and ultimately the shutdown of QAS software due to the data files expiring. You should always ensure you are using the latest QAS data files with all your QAS products to prevent unnecessary disruption and wasted time and to remain within the terms and conditions set out in your License Pack.

What is data expiry?

All of the QAS data files have an inbuilt expiry date to ensure that the data files used with QAS products do not become too out of date.

This expiry date will cause the QAS product to stop working once this date is reached. To retrieve the QAS product functionality the data files must be updated

All QAS products use data sets that are ‘time-stamped’ to expire after a fixed amount of time. Once QAS data sets have expired they can either render the data set or product unusable. This is to prevent users from using old data which can compromise the data quality of addresses captured, verified, or enhanced by QAS software.

All postal data sets are continually changing and as a result of these changes Experian QAS supplies regular data updates to all its customers. If your data has expired you will need to perform a data update using the latest available data, providing you are licensed to do so.

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