Which QAS Products are available on 64 bit Operating Systems and what are the potential issues?

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What is 64-bit?

A 64 bit Operating System (OS) handles large amounts of random access memory (RAM) more effectively than a 32 bit system and a new computer is likely to be based on the 64 bit technology today, even if it is used as a 32 bit machine. Previously only certain Linux distributions were capable of properly using 64 bit systems, but today there are 64 bit versions of most current Windows operating system versions.

In theory, there is not anything that would hinder the spreading of the 64 bit technology. 64 bit Windows releases offer software compatibility with the 32 bit versions. It is important to note here that this means compatibility only with user-level programs. A 64 bit Windows system is completely different from the 32 bit version, that is, the drivers needed for the installed devices are completely different, just like the anti-virus and firewall programs and the range of these is rather limited at present.


Compatible QAS Products


Most of our current software is available as 32bit and 64bit. Possible exceptions include older platforms and older products.


Currently we do not have any versions of our software created specifically for 64 bit environments, however please see the section below on running 32 bit applications on 64 bit operating systems.


32-bit Applications on 64-bit Operating Systems

32 bit software is still supported on a 64 bit platform as 32 bit processes can be executed inside the dedicated Windows on Windows' (WOW64) subsystem which is part of all 64 bit Windows operating systems. However a 64 bit process cannot load a 32 bit module into its process space, and a 32 bit processes cannot load a 64 bit module into its process space.
As long as both the main module and the DLL are 32 bit processes the product can run on both 32 bit and 64 bit platforms (inside WOW64). However if only the main module is migrated to 64 bit or compiled on a 64 bit OS, even if it is compiled as a 32 bit application, it will not be able to load the 32 bit DLL.


What's not compatible, and alternatives

Currently all of our products are produced and tested under a 32bit environment and architecture; this stance may change in future as the use of 64bit technology becomes more widespread.

For Pro/Pro Web customers, the solution is to use/change to a Web Services integration. This approach is platform independent; a web service is defined by a WSDL, and this WSDL takes SOAP requests and provides SOAP responses. These SOAP messages are formatted in XML and are text-based, meaning any system capable of reading text can make use of this implementation.

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