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QAS Electronic Updates (EU) is a product that automatically ensures your Experian QAS products are using the latest available reference data.

EU is the default method by which customers receive their data updates, and can be utilised in 3 different ways.

Manually updating your data 

(Best for UNIX, best for third party applications, best for change control)

Experian QAS also give you the option to manually update your data files. For those customers who don't want to always automatically update their data, for testing or roll back purposes, this is the perfect solution to get access to your data whenever is suitable for you.

To manually access your data, navigate to in any web browser.

You will be presented with the following screen, which shows the EU portal.

EU login screen

Use your EU login details to access the latest Experian QAS data files, anytime, from anywhere.

Simply click on each data file you require to download it. Once you have the files needed, you can perform a manual update of the software.

A guide on manually updating GBR data can be found here, to install other country sets follow a similar process.

Automatically downloading and updating your data

(Best for Windows, best for time saving)

For those customers with V4 or above products, EU can be used to automatically download and update your software with the latest data updates. Once set up, all your data will be downloaded and installed without you having do a thing. An easy and straightforward way to maintaining your Experian QAS software.

A full guide to setting up Electronic Updates can be found here.

Using a web service to update your data

(Best for UNIX, best for application integration)

The QAS Electronic Updates web service is primarily used to download data updates over the internet for use with your Experian QAS applications. It can be used to download all of the datasets, additional datasets and DataPlus sets (including Suppression datasets) that you are licensed to use, as soon as new data is available.

The QAS Electronic Updates web service is an alternative to using the EU client or manually downloading your data files. It allows you more control over how you want your data downloaded, and can be integration into your existing applications.

The process of checking for and downloading data can be started manually, or the process can be automated to occur at particular times. The exact way of integrating with the web service is up to you. Please note that this option can also be used in a Windows environment.

Documentation on how to use the web service and sample code can be found below:


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