My data sets have expired - what should I do?

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All Experian Data Quality on premise products use data sets that are ‘time-stamped’ to expire after a fixed amount of time. Once  EDQ data sets have expired they can render either the data set or product unusable. This is to prevent users from using old data which can compromise the data quality of addresses captured, verified, or enhanced by EDQ software.

All postal data sets are continually changing and as a result of these changes Experian Data Quality supplies regular data updates to all its customers. If your data has expired you will need to perform a data update using the latest available data, providing you are licensed to do so.


Symptoms of data expiry:

For Plug & Go or Standalone products, a data expiry warning dialog will appear. The data expiry error dialog box will differ depending on the EDQ product line being used:

  • EDQ UK product line (e.g. Pro UK v3.15 Plug & Go) will produce the error dialog box shown on the left below.
  • EDQ World product line (e.g. Pro v6.86 Plug & Go) will produce the error dialog box shown on the right below.


  •  In Pro Web the errors manifest themselves on the Pro Web sample pages as shown below:


Please note this error message may vary depending on the EDQ product in use.

API products will give one of the following errors:

-1021 Data File has expired

-4570 Dataset cannot be used

Server products can be configured to send notification emails with expiry warnings.



Step 1: Locate your Electronic updates account details

When your account was first created you received an email from, with the subject title "Welcome to QAS Electronic Updates - log-in details". This email contained the username and password for your account. If you are unable to locate this email please contact us in order for your password to be reset.

Step 2: Access your data

For detailed instructions on using electronic updates please see A full guide to setting up Electronic Updates and for further information please see Data Expiry: A Guide to Getting the Latest Data.

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