Standard terms and conditions and policies

Experian Data Quality products and services (Licensed Materials) are provided to customers on standard terms and conditions. They are supported in accordance with the Experian Data Quality Worldwide Support Policy and End Of Service Life Policy. The standard terms and conditions which are applicable differ slightly depending upon whether you have purchased directly from Experian Data Quality (the Standard Terms and Conditions apply) or via one of our resellers (in which case a simplified version of the Standard Terms and Conditions applies, known as the End User Licence Agreement, or EULA).

Additional Terms: In addition to the standard terms and conditions, further terms and conditions may apply to your use of the Experian Data Quality Licensed Materials depending on what Data Sets and/or Third Party Software you are using, and how you are intending to use the Experian Data Quality Licensed Materials.

Note: if terms for a particular Data Set or Third Party Software are not shown below this means that there are no additional terms relating to the Data Set or Third Party Software. However any special terms agreed in a Quotation or bespoke contract shall continue to apply.

Legal notice

All references to QAS Limited contained in any of the following shall be deemed references to Experian Limited from 29 March 2013:

  1. products and services;
  2. any technical support or end of service life documentation and any other user and product documentation;
  3. product brochures and marketing materials or other related literature;
  4. standard terms and conditions or end-user licence agreements;
  5. third party data or software terms included within your client or partner contracts and/or available at (or any other replacement website).

Standard terms and conditions
AUS (Standard Terms and Conditions)
NZ (Standard Terms and Conditions)
Data Sets and Third Party Software
Address Type Indicator (US)
AusPost End User Licence Terms and Conditions and AMAS Permitted Purpose
Australian Address Reference File (AARF) (AUS) End User Licence
Australian Business Register – Special PSMA End User Licence Terms
Bureau Terms - June 2005
Business Data
Canada (post May 16, 2011)
Data Update Frequency
EDQ for Salesforce: Winter 16 Compatibility Guide
Experian Business Data Bureau Service terms and Conditions
Experian Licence Terms
helpIT matchIT
LEA Data
Names (US)
National Change of Address Service (NCOAS) (AUS) End User Licence
NCOA Suppress (UK) Bureau License
NCOA Suppress (UK) End User License
NCOA Update (UK) Bureau License
NCOA Update (UK) End User License
New Zealand Post License Terms
New Zealand QAS Batch Pre-Sort
Northern Ireland
Ordnance Survey EULA (for purchases and renewals after 21st March 2014)
Per Terminal User Data Sets
QAS Append
QAS for Salesforce Summer 15 Compatibility Guide
QAS Unify
Royal Mail NYB EULA
Royal Mail PAF Data - Public Sector Licence (PSL) Special Terms
Royal Mail PAF EULA post-april-2010
(for purchases and/or renewals post 1st April 2010)
Royal Mail PAF EULA post-april-2015 (for purchases and/or renewals post 1st April 2015)
United States (post May 16, 2011)
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