How to resolve the 'Dataset Due to Expire' warning message

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This document illustrates how to resolve the ‘Dataset Due to Expire’ warning message received during use of QAS products.

This warning message can be presented in one of two ways:

  • Data Warning Dialog (shown below)
  • Within an Administrator Notification Email (configured on the QAS Server)

This error message indicates that one or more of your QAS data sets will soon reach their expiry date. Once expired, you will no longer be able to access these data sets.

The data expiry dialog box/Administrator Notification email lists the data sets that are due to expire along with the time left to expiry. These warnings typically begin to first appear 30 days before a data set will cease to function.

Data Expiry Warning Dialog

In the above example, the Australian postal data set (AUS) will expire and therefore become unusable in 14 days unless action is taken.

It is extremely important that all QAS datasets are kept up-to-date as this ensures that you continually get the best from your QAS products and prevent data downtime. All postal data sets are active files and many change daily. To cater for this QAS provide frequent data updates to all its customers.


Perform data updates for all QAS data sets that are listed to expire. This should be done using the latest available version of the data sets. Providing you are licenced to continue using the QAS data sets listed, your company will have been shipped the latest version of that data set. If you have not received the latest updates, contact Technical Support to arrange for a reshipment.

For instructions on how to perform a data update please see the section - "My data sets have expired - what should I do?"

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