How to resolve the -1031 'could not locate ini file' error message?

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This document illustrates how to resolve the –1031 error message encountered when using QuickAddress Nearest Web.


This error will occur when using the sample ASP pages if the product is not installed to the default location. The default location is:

C:\program files\QAS\

where xxx is the version number.

This occurs because in line 67 of the Nearweb.asp file, a call is made to Startup in which the path to the nearest.ini file is specified in the default location:

iCode = QANearWeb.Startup("C:\program files\QAS\\nearest.ini", "")

To resolve this error specify the correct path to the nearest.ini file in this command line, or install the product to the default location.


The same applies for the admin.asp page where the path to the nearest.ini file is also hard coded.

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