How do I update QAS Australian PAF data?

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All QuickAddress products use data sets that are ‘time-stamped’ to expire after a fixed amount of time. This is to prevent users from using old data which can compromise the data quality of addresses captured, verified, or enhanced by QAS software.

Do these steps apply to me?

The following is a step-by-step process on how to update your PAF data. It is intended for users updating PAF data which sits on the same machine as:

  • QAS Pro Plug n Go
  • QAS Pro Server
  • QAS Batch Standalone
  • QAS Pro API
  • QAS Batch API
  • QAS Pro Web API

If your active data directory is located on a machine which does not contain any QAS products, such as a shared network drive, then please see the manual instructions for updating data listed at the end of this document. Also refer to this section if you are updating:

  • QAS products on UNIX


Follow the steps below:

1. Insert the PAF data disk in your CD drive and launch the setup.exe.

2. Select English (International) and click Next >.

3. Select the Update Existing Data option. Click Next >.

4. If you are only updating the standard PAF database leave the AUS DataPlus line unchecked. Click Next >.

5. Select the QAS product you wish to update. You can select multiple products from this list if you wish. Click Next >.

6. Make sure the Default Location option is checked. This creates a new directory to store the new data and will be automatically activated when the QAS software starts up next. This option allows you to update data whilst still having QAS software open. Click Next >.

7. If you have all QAS products closed and wish to directly replace your existing data files then you may wish to select Replace Existing Data. Click Next >.

8. Please ensure both Address Data and BSP DataPlus items are selected. Click Next >.

9. If you do not wish to install the Country Information Guide then uncheck it. You may also uncheck the Data Changes Sheet option if you do not wish to view this. Click Finish.

10. For the update to be activated you will need to

Restart the application for:

  • QAS Pro Plug & Go
  • QAS Batch Standalone

Update the data in the Administration Console for:

  • QAS Pro Server
  • QAS Pro Web

No action required for:

  • QAS Batch API
  • QAS Pro API (if not using QAS Pro Server)


11. Check updated data with test address from: Get Test Address 


You have now successfully updated your QAS Data.


Manual installation

You can manually replace your existing data files by:

1. Locating your current PAF data directory

2. Copying the following files from D:\Data on the new PAF CD (where D is the letter of your CD-ROM drive) to your current PAF data directory

3. Select Yes To All to overwrite your old data files

4. Re-open application / Re-start service for Pro Server & Pro Web API  

5. Your QAS products should now automatically reference the new data

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