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Data release schedule

Performing regular data updates is an integral part of an effective data quality strategy for any organisation. Experian Data Quality data sets are shipped to customers at different times of the year, and in differing cycles. To help customers effectively plan their data updates Experian Data Quality provides a shipping schedule for all data sets, listing current and future shipping dates.

Please note: Release information for Experian Data Quality DataPlus sets are not included as their release schedule is the same as the country data set they belong to. For example, the GBR CodePoint Dataplus set is shipped at the same time as the GBR - Quarterly data update. The Update Date refers to the raw data release date / vintage and it can take between 4-8 weeks to complete the shipment of our data depending on the frequency and coverage. For more information on our data production process click here.

To retrieve the shipping dates for your Experian Data Quality data sets, please select the country data set below.

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