Data expiry: how to know what has expired and what to do

Customer Excellence

What is data expiry?

All Experian Data Quality on premise products use data sets that are 'time-stamped' to expire after a fixed amount of time. Once EDQ data sets have expired they can render either the data set or product unusable.

If your data has expired you will need to perform a data update using the latest available data, providing you are licensed to do so.

How to resolve it

Receiving the warning message 'Dataset due to expire' indicates one or more of your datasets will soon reach their expiry date.

How to manually update

A manual data update is required if you do not have the EU client set to automatically update your applications or you have used the EU Portal to download your files.

Test addresses

Test addresses are used to confirm whether or not a data update has been successfully carried out. They are unique to the vintage and type of data set installed, and help to visually confirm a successful data update.