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Please note if you are using V3 QuickAddress products (Rapid/Pro V3) then please click here

Electronic Updates

QAS Electronic Updates (EU) is a product that automatically ensures your Experian QAS products are using the latest available reference data.

This document outlines how to install and configure Electronic Updates as a desktop application for Windows. 

Further information on updating your data using Electronic Updates, for different operating systems, can be found here.

1. Get a login

Login details are provided by email when the Electronic Updates order is confirmed. If you have lost your password please contact technical support.

If you do not have Electronic Updates on your account:

  • If you are a U.S customer please contact your QAS account manager or Go Here.
  • IIf you are a UK customer, you will be issued a login shortly. If you’d like to start using EU sooner, please Go Here.
  • If you are based elsewhere please contact technical support.

2. Download the relevant Electronic Updates Installer for Windows

You can download the required client and .net framework by logging into the EU Portal and then pressing the my software tab.

3. Install and Configure QAS Electronic Updates

Click the link that applies to you:

I want to update a:

          • Local QAS application

          • Remote QAS application


This demo shows how to install QAS Electronic Updates:



Watch this demo to learn how to configure QAS Electronic Updates:


To download to latest QAS Electronic Updates User Guide Go Here


4. Receive email notification

QAS Electronic updates can be configured to send email alerts when data has been downloaded and applications updates. Please refer to the product manual (which is included in the download) for instructions.


5. Access Requirements

Access to the Experian QAS Electronic Updates’ services is over the internet using industry standard protocols and ports. In order to access these services you need to ensure that certain URLs are accessible through your IT infrastructure (i.e. firewalls). Click here for full details.

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