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QuickAddress Pro for the Web (UK version) is shipped according to two pricing models: annual charge or per-click charges. Because of this, it includes with the product a software counter that governs the usage of the data. This counter is also known as a SoftKey Dongle.

The –10000 error means ‘Counter missing or corrupt’. It is returned by the Counter or getCounter methods, both of which are designed to assess the status of the counter and return the pricing scheme in use and the number of clicks remaining.


There are several distinct causes of the error:

  • The counter file cannot be found. This could be for the following reasons:

o the counter directory has been moved, renamed or deleted;

o the counter directory information has been modified.

  • The counter file is corrupt. This could be characterised by the following:

o the error –1057, SoftKey integrity failure, is also generated;

o the Counter: line in the program ccsetn.exe is blank.

  • The information contained in the counter is not consistent with the registration information.
    This can happen if the counter has been initialised as an Annual Charge counter (by pressing ‘cancel’) but the registration details are specific to a Per-Click licence.
  • Product registration details have expired. See below

As a result of this, there are several potential solutions to the problem. In most cases, the Test Utility (webtest.exe) will work fine.

  • Check the counter location information in QAProWeb.ini. This will take the following form:




The SoftKeyDir is the directory that contains the counter - in this case, QAPWBEA.reg.
The ProgDir is the path to the same directory.

If the directory specified by these two lines is not correct, the counter will not be found.

  • Check that the product is not split across two drives or partitions, or a mapped drive, which may cause problems – such as a reference to a particular drive being misinterpreted.
  • Check ccsetn.exe to ensure that the counter is present and has the correct Counter: value.
  • The registration details may be specific to a particular licencing scheme. Re-register with a fresh Serial Number and password, re-run ccsetn.exe and test the installation again.

This error also occurs when the registration details expire. In these cases the following will need to be done.

  • New registration details will need to be created. Contact Technical Approvals to do this.

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